Winery Limited Partnership Litigation (Cal. Super. Ct., Sonoma Cty.)

THE FURTH FIRM LLP was lead counsel in this securities fraud case brought on behalf of a nationwide class of investors in limited partnerships formed to purchase and operate wineries. The case has been settled favorably to the class.

Telecommunications Litigation (Texas Dist.Ct., Jefferson Cty.)

Utilizing its substantial telecommunications experience in local exchange market issues, THE FURTH FIRM LLP successfully settled a class action contract case in which it was co-lead counsel on behalf of a class of 57 Texas municipalities. The case involved enforcement of the cities' franchise ordinances providing for the payment of fees for the use of the streets.

Industrial Revenue Bond Litigation (D. Ariz.).

THE FURTH FIRM LLP represented the plaintiff class in a securities fraud class action by purchasers of industrial revenue bonds that were intended to finance the development of a residential care facility and nursing home. The case was settled on a favorable basis, against most of the defendants, along with a related case involving a separate, but similar bond issue.

Mortgage Fund Limited Partnership Litigation (D. Ariz.)

This was a securities fraud class action by purchasers of limited partnership interests in blind pool mortgage funds. The complaint alleged an elaborate ponzi scheme whereby monies obtained from investors were used to pay distributions to investors in prior limited partnerships. THE FURTH FIRM LLP represented the plaintiff class, which was certified. This case settled while summary judgment motions were pending.

Real Estate Limited Partnership Litigation (N.D. Tex.)

In a securities fraud class action by purchasers of interests in 121 limited real estate partnerships, THE FURTH FIRM LLP, together with two other counsel, represented the class. The district court's opinions granting class certification and denying summary judgment are highly favorable to securities plaintiffs and deal with a host of important issues, such as classwide proof of reliance and causation, typicality of claims, statutes of limitations, scienter and materiality. The case was settled favorably for our clients.

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