THE FURTH FIRM LLP is a nationally known San Francisco firm specializing in antitrust and business litigation. The firm has a rich history of handling large and complex litigation matters. Its lawyers apply the highest caliber skills to each and every matter the firm handles. While the firm has elected to remain relatively small to provide its clients with only the highest quality services, THE FURTH FIRM LLP conducts a national litigation and arbitration practice as sophisticated as that of any law firm in the country.

The firm originally became prominent in antitrust litigation, serving as lead counsel for plaintiffs in a number of large, nationwide price-fixing cases, including cases involving the gypsum wallboard, sugar, and cement industries, as well as numerous other industries. The firm now handles business litigation on behalf of plaintiffs, including antitrust, business tort, commercial contract, corporate, employment, ERISA, insurance, intellectual property, international arbitration and litigation, RICO, unfair business practice, and unfair competition cases. Our clientele has ranged from individuals and small companies to multinational corporations such as Kellogg Company.

The firm also prosecutes class action lawsuits on behalf of consumers, investors, businesses, and others. These cases involve price-fixing and other antitrust claims, consumer rights, unfair competition, and other claims.

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THE FURTH FIRM LLP's extensive experience in complex cases enables the firm to litigate such matters in an organized, timely and efficient manner. With 40 years of experience in prosecuting class actions, the firm has refined its litigation practice to a highly efficient level.

THE FURTH FIRM LLP has a highly-integrated team of lawyers working on a relatively small number of matters in order to provide high quality services to all of its clients. This focus helps maintain and strengthen the aggressive and efficient representation of our clients. THE FURTH FIRM LLP is well-positioned to handle your litigation needs. The firm's lawyers include a diverse group of individuals who contribute all the skills necessary to provide sound advice in order to win cases and to satisfy clients. We are also proud of our accomplishments in public interest cases, including major improvements in access to public schools and housing for the disabled.

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